Tuesday, April 12, 2011

95/365 Tuesday, 04/05/2011

Our last day in Vancouver started off cool and rainy--we took it easy and enjoyed our delicious complimentary breakfast in the Regency lounge--where platinum Hyatt members (aka the other half..) often spend more time than you'd think...comfy chairs, free beverages and snacks all with a pretty nice view of Vancouver, make it a nice place to hang out or regroup.

Later on the weather got better and so we ventured out into what turned out to be quite the hike. We walked mid-afternoonish to English Bay where we went to the Boathouse restaurant for "linner"--a midafternoon dinner/lunch/happy hour type meal. (picture) Once we were full of food we decided to head on up the seawall that goes around Stanley Park--here's a nice map.We started out at English Bay, which is way down on the left-hand side of the map and then walked all the way up and beyond the Lion's Gate bridge. I didn't quite feel up to walking the whole way around (many people seem to bike it) so at some point beyond the bridge we went inland into the park. The first section was more woodsy than park-like and I started having visions of us doing our own ""Blair witch project" and getting lost and stranded here, since it was getting a bit late. In reality we had plenty of time and after some hiking the park actually became a park....and after a bit more walking we were at the Lost Lagoon and well on our way back into downtown and our hotel.

We were happy and tired when we got back and didn't do much except pack and veg for the rest of the day. We knew we'd have to be up bright and early to get to the airport in time for our 8:45am flight to Seattle where we would then have an over three hour lay-over before our flight to Detroit. The picture of the day was taken just after we passed Siwash Rock--if you go back to the map you'll see where that is. 

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