Saturday, December 31, 2011

353/365 Monday, 12/19/2011

353/365 Monday, 12/19/2011 by cathie
353/365 Monday, 12/19/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.
When I found out my sister was coming for the holidays I knew we had to take her to the Roxy Cafe at least once. I know she has a special love of sweet, pancake-like breakfasts foods, so I knew she would like the offerings at the Roxy. On this particular occasion I decided to forego veganism and I ordered an utterly scrumptious spinach omelette with other veggies in it. I substituted mushrooms for bacon and they were very good. 

352/365: Sunday,12/18/2011

352/365: Sunday,12/18/2011 by cathie
352/365: Sunday,12/18/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

This house in Albion had been a major eyesore for many years. I often wondered what it looked like inside....and now we know...

251/365 Saturday, 12/17/2011

251/365 Saturday, 12/17/2011 by cathie
251/365 Saturday, 12/17/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

Despite the rather chilly & snowy weather, Louisa and I had a fun time in Chicago before we boarded a 6:00pm train back to Battle Creek. I had never seen the "bean" sculpture before -- so ti was fun to take the obligatory reflection shots in it.

350/365 Friday 12/16/2011

350/365 Friday 12/16/2011 by cathie
350/365 Friday 12/16/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

I took the Amtrak train on Friday, Dec 16th to pick up my sister from O'Hare. After getting off at Union station, I walked to the Blue Line EL stop on Monroe and took the EL to O'Hare. When I arrived Louisa had just gotten through customs and was waiting for me. We took the El back to Monroe and checked into our nice hotel in downtown Chicago.

349/365: Thursday, 12/15/2011

349/365: Thursday, 12/15/2011 by cathie
349/365: Thursday, 12/15/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

I still had a lot of grading to get through once I arrived home. At least the kitties were happy to "help"...

348/365: Wednesday, 12/14/2011

348/365: Wednesday, 12/14/2011 by cathie
348/365: Wednesday, 12/14/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

WhenI came home from Oxford, I was tickled to find this Christmas card addressed to Hansi=the cat on a leash.

347/365: Tuesday, 12/13/2011

347/365: Tuesday, 12/13/2011 by cathie
347/365: Tuesday, 12/13/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

This is the recently published novel/romance that centers on my ancestor Jane Lane. I wonder how I will find it...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

346/365: Monday, 12/12/2011

346/365: Monday, 12/12/2011 by cathie
346/365: Monday, 12/12/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

Was pleasantly surprised by my first taste of soy yoghurt.

345/365: Sunday, 12/11/2011

345/365: Sunday, 12/11/2011 by cathie
345/365: Sunday, 12/11/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

I liked the look of this DIY electric car--the "Lectric Lizard".

344/365: Saturday, 12/10/2011

344/365: Saturday, 12/10/2011 by cathie
344/365: Saturday, 12/10/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

I methodically go through these two sections of the times, which means I am quite behind--especially with the book review sections.

Monday, December 12, 2011

343/365: Friday, 12/09/2011

343/365: Friday, 12/09/2011 by cathie
343/365: Friday, 12/09/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

Making some notes to myself on what turned out to be a pretty hectic/busy last day of classes.

342/365: Thursday, 12/08/2011

342/365: Thursday, 12/08/2011 by cathie
342/365: Thursday, 12/08/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

This dish was good: 100% whole wheat rotini with tomatoes cause and some other veggies. The stuff on top is nutritional yeast. I'm glad I found a whole wheat pasta I like.

341/365: Wednesday, 12/07/2011

341/365: Wednesday, 12/07/2011 by cathie
341/365: Wednesday, 12/07/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

A vegan stand-by: nutritional yeast. It has an interesting taste. It does add something to pasta dishes. I haven't used a whole lot of it yet.

340/365 Tuesday, 12/06/2011

340/365 Tuesday, 12/06/2011 by cathie
340/365 Tuesday, 12/06/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

I really wanted to get an outside picture today--and I remembered this as I walked to the bus-stop. This building on Miami's campus is McGuffey Hall where I taught two of my classes during the semester. It took a while to get used to the building. But in the end I did. I just realized I taught in this building everyday, since that was how my schedule was structured. Next semester I won't be in there.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

339/365: Monday, 12/05/2011

339/365: Monday, 12/05/2011 by cathie
339/365: Monday, 12/05/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

I took this while sitting in my bed--it was about 11:40pm and I had not yet taken a picture--so Georgie was the easiest choice since I was sleepy and wanted to get to bed!

338/365: Sunday, 12/04/2011

338/365: Sunday, 12/04/2011 by cathie
338/365: Sunday, 12/04/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

An abstract shot of you-know-who taken last Sunday.

337/365: Saturday, 12/03/2011

337/365: Saturday, 12/03/2011 by cathie
337/365: Saturday, 12/03/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

*sigh* - I really wanted to like these--Eden is a good organic company from Michigan. But alas they were kind of gray and that just made them seem not that tasty..They made me miss my unhealthy regular durum wheat semolina pasta. Ho hum...In the meantime I found the only box of 100% whole wheat pasta in Kroger the other day and I actually liked it! Hooray. And I'm getting more used to cooking my greens without oil--either steaming or cooking them in vegetable broth.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

336/365: Friday, 12/02/2011

336/365: Friday, 12/02/2011 by cathie
336/365: Friday, 12/02/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

I decided to order a small package of German christmas goodies from a German online store in Texas. Most of these were eaten by my students. The "Rumkugeln" - rum balls were enjoyed by the GREAL faculty, since they do contain a tiny bit of real rum.

335/365: Thursday, 12/01/2011

335/365: Thursday, 12/01/2011 by cathie
335/365: Thursday, 12/01/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

A cute kitty pic for the first day of the last month of the year!!! I cannot believe the year is almost over...

334/365: Wednesday, 11/30/2011

334/365: Wednesday, 11/30/2011 by cathie
334/365: Wednesday, 11/30/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

I apologize-the pictures these days lack vim and vigor...I've been busy busy with the end of semester. Hence yet another glimpse of my apartment mate George.

333/365 Tuesday, 11/29/2011

333/365 Tuesday, 11/29/2011 by cathie
333/365 Tuesday, 11/29/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

Another pretty good vegan meal. The portion was a bit big, and the spaghetti was not whole grain, which is what who I now call the "healthy healthy's" (Dr. Esselstyn, Barnard, Hicks etc etc) want us to eat. I'll have to research what they think about olives. I know they don't like olive oil. The stuff that might look a little like parmesan is Bragg's nutritional yeast-a vegan standy..

332/365: Monday, 11/28/2011

332/365: Monday, 11/28/2011 by cathie
332/365: Monday, 11/28/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

Bill left me this as a going away present when he left the Monday after bringing me back to Oxford after Thanksgiving. (I had left earlier than he did, so i could get to my office to get stuff done before teaching).

Friday, December 9, 2011

331/365: Sunday, 11/27/2011

331/365: Sunday, 11/27/2011 by cathie
331/365: Sunday, 11/27/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

It was rainy and cloudy when we drove back down to Oxford on Sunday. We started listening to George Eliot's "Middlemarch". I'll see how far Bill has gotten listening to it when I go back with him to Michigan for Christmas this coming Wednesday, Dec. 14th.

330/365: Saturday, 11/26/2011

330/365: Saturday, 11/26/2011 by cathie
330/365: Saturday, 11/26/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

I went out with my friend for sushi in Jackson, Michigan (Aka sushi). Some of the things we ordered were vegan (I had seaweed salad and a vegetable tempura--should have asked about the tempura). Some of the sushi we got was not vegan (like the one picture, which I think is either salmon or tuna. Yes I had some of it...

329/365 Friday, 11/25/2011

329/365 Friday, 11/25/2011 by cathie
329/365 Friday, 11/25/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

I had brought some grading I needed to do home with me and my kitties were glad to be of some assistance!

328/365: Thursday, 11/24/2011 ~Thanksgiving~

One of the things I miss living in Oxford is our daily newspaper: The Battle Creek Enquirer. Even though it's not a great newspaper I got very used to reading it when I lived in Michigan. And the comics were probably my favorite part.. We were invited to Thanksgiving dinner with our friends in the afternoon. They made vegan stuffing! (Which was delicious). And there plenty of other vegan options! And then I indulged in a small piece of (probably) non-vegan pumpkin pie with a small amount of definitely non-vegan whipped cream.  It was good. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

327/365: Wednesday, 11/23/2011

327/365: Wednesday, 11/23/2011 by cathie
327/365: Wednesday, 11/23/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.
Georgie seemed fairly happy to be home. The other kitties were a little put-out since Georgie can be a bit of a bully. Little Mieze hissed at him a couple of times and had to give up her spot in the prized "boudoir". Hansie was more cranky than I was used too--he seemed even more aged to me since I left in August---so skinny compared to spoilt George. He was glad George was home. They have a bit of a "Brokeback mountain" relationship....Hansi "cannot quit" George...yet further indication that he was neutered to late. It's very hard to fathom how Georgie feels about Hansi's inappropriate encroachments--he nonchalantly continues eating while it is going on and only sometimes turns around & tells Hansi to take a hike. (For a long time I thought the yowling that one heard when this was going was coming from Georgie, but no it is always and only Hansi that is doing the yowling - Georgie is completely silent).
On other occasions though, even Hansi hissed at Georgie--it was obvious that his absence had made the three other kitties rearrange their hierarchies, and having him back shuffled everything up again. At least this time he will be back sooner. (We go back to Michigan next Wednesday, Dec. 14).
When we brought Georgie back to the apartment he seemed even happier to to back here where he's the number one kitty. And I was glad to have him paying all his attention to me and not the other three kitties. But now I know better what to expect and also that I need to court their affection in order to get into their good books. They are cats after-all and do not immediately reconnect if one has been away for a longish time.

Monday, December 5, 2011

A short message for Janie Randerson


If Janie Randerson sees this message I just want her to know that I have replied twice to her email message and have not heard back. Perhaps she could try my other email:

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Barbie cake

326/2011: Tuesday, 11/22/2011 by cathie
326/2011: Tuesday, 11/22/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.
326/2011: Tuesday, 11/22/2011

I thought this was just weird enough to qualify as a 365 pic. I might have to start a "weird sightings in supermarkets set, which, besides this would include this, and probably this too.

The other Barbie picture in my flickr stream was taken at the Schirn museum in Frankfurt. It is my most viewed picture by far--over 11 000 people have looked at it! 

My "PETA-approved" bagel from Bagel&Deli

325/365: Monday, 11/21/2011 by cathie
325/365: Monday, 11/21/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.
325/365: Monday, 11/21/2011

This was my delicious and suppossedly "PETA-approved' bagel from Oxford's famous "Bagel & Deli". I really liked it! And as a treat I got one of their retro sodas -I think its flavor was dark cherry--it was also very good. A tasty lunch before we headed back home to Michigan.

324/365: Sunday, 11/20/2011

324/365: Sunday, 11/20/2011 by cathie
324/365: Sunday, 11/20/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

Yep Bill was back on Sunday so he could drive me and Georgie back to Michigan for the first time in a bit over 3 months. George was happy to see him.

323/365:Saturday, 11/19/2011

323/365:Saturday, 11/19/2011 by cathie
323/365:Saturday, 11/19/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

The non-vegan version of this pie has been in my meal repetoire for a while. the only difference between that one and this one is that the vegan version is not microwaveable. So it takes longer, but I think it might even taste better than the other kind.