Thursday, September 29, 2011

I deactivated my Facebook account!

In a fit of uncommon spontaneity I deactivated my Facebook account today. I didn't tell anyone, well except Bill after the fact. If people want to get in touch with me I'm still very easy to get a hold of at either of my two emails: or If anyone wants me to tell them why I did it I will, but I'm not doing so publicly just yet. Oh and there's still this blog and my Flickr account and for the time being I'm still on twitter, though not very active and I even have a Google + account. So I stlll have an internet presence - just a slightly different one. So far I feel like a made the right decision...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

256/365 Tuesday, 09/13/2011

Georgie in the dark pic...not a lot to be said...

255/365 Monday, 09/12/2011

Just a shot from my office at Miami on a busy Monday morning...

254/365 Sunday, 09/11/2011

An attempt at a healthy meal...halfways successful. I'm just not used to whole wheat pasta--it needs to be spiced differently I think...This was ok...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

253/365 Saturday, 09/10/2011

I took this picture of the animal sculptures in downtown Oxford, after going to the market. 

252/365 09/09/2011

A shot of my desk, I found the fake flowers next to the dumpster one day and since I kind of liked the color I rescued them. I cut down their plastic stems and ruined a pair of scissors so in the end they cost me a new pair of scissors...but oh well...

Cooking kale

251/365 Thursday, 09/08/2011

Wow I really am behind in posting about my pics...oh well not to worry! I was surprised how easy it was to cook this kale - and with how tasty it was! And we all know how healthy it is....

Thursday, September 22, 2011

250/365 Wednesday, 09/07/2011

Sometimes I feel like eating a hearty meal--this was good and its very easy to make--just roast the potatoes and chicken in the over--I did the potatoes the day before the chicken, but they were still very good the next day. I did have a salad with this meal too...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

249/365 Tuesday, 09/06/2011

Sorry for another eerily blue picture due to me leaving the incandescent setting on, whilst taking pictures outside....I took this because I thought the juxtaposition of the Amish horse & buggy picture on the side of this humongous beast of a truck was slightly was taken on the parking lot outside a building that has something to do with Miami's food supply that I cross to get home.

248/365 Monday, 09/05/2011

It got really cold on Labor Day so we had to go buy Bill some warmer duds-since he had just bought shorts and t-shirts. We didn't want to spend a lot of time shopping so we ended up buying him a Miami outfit (hoodie and sweatpants). He says he really likes the hoodie and is wearing it at home a lot. (He didn't want his picture taken here - hence the Unibomber look...)

What I expected to happen has happened of course: going back to full time-teaching (prepping & grading) has meant much less time for the blog...and even picture taking. Be prepared for a lot of shots of Georgie and my apartment....I still want to keep going but I'm going to try and not fret too much about behind with the posting. I'm hoping at some point I'll have a little bit more mind-space to devote to at least taking more interesting pictures...we shall see...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The "Re-Penthouse"

247/365: Sunday, 09/04/2011

One of traditions at Miami U. involves off-campus students giving their houses catchy/punny/suggestive names. They often have something to do with the street they are on and yes quite a few involve references to alcohol. This one is situated right next to a church and it's also on Church St. Hence it's moniker: Re-Penthouse...

Inflatable apes

A quote from a Vanity Fair article (by John Heilpern) about eccentric book publisher Benedikt Taschen:
An early, nutty project involved 100,000 unsold inflatable apes. His lesson?
"Don't inflate your business on inflatables."

Friday, September 9, 2011

246/365 Saturday, 09/03/2011

A picture of the yummy garlic naan I enjoyed at the Taj Mahal restaurant, one of three Indian restaurants in Oxford, OH and the one that is closest to my apartment. Everything Bill & I ordered was good and we had enough leftovers for another meal. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

245/365 Friday 09/02/2011

Here we are back on track with a cute shot of Bill and George reacquainting themselves with one another after a fairly long absence. (about a month). 

244/365 Thusday, 09/01/2011

Unfortunately another cheated shot--this was taken on Friday the 2nd, since I simply did not get round to taking a picture on Thursday!

243/365 Wednesday, 08/31/2011

Bit of a desperation shot. In one of my classes we're on Chapter three of a beginning German language textbook, which covers the topic of "family". This page shows the family tree of one famous German: Otto von Bismarck.

242/365 Tuesday, 08/30/2011

This is another shot of the view form my office. the difference being that now there are usually a few students sitting here getting work done or just chatting. The campus is so large that the outside areas don't seem to get too crowded. Around lunchtime some of the lunch venues do though as does the Starbucks in the library. (It's OK in the morning). 

241/365 Monday, 08/29/2011

This is more or less what my desk looks like at the moment. I got the kitty calender for a dollar when I went to Walgreen's on Sunday. I am noticing that it is more difficult to devote mind-space to this project when one has a full-time job...I hope my pictures don't become too boring! 

Friday, September 2, 2011

240/365 Sunday, 08/28/2011

And so the grading begins....this was my first quiz. I will be receiving many more before the semester is out...(sorry this is still too blue). And I did take this one on Sunday.

(239/365 Saturday, 08/27/2011)

Unfortunately another "fake" shot - in the sense that it was actually taken on Sunday and not Saturday....As I recall Saturday was quite busy with laundry and shopping and i just didn't think to get a picture instead we have another blue-tinged shot of my apartment building...

238/365 Friday, 08/26/2011

Georgie usually gets a little scoop of catnip in  the evenings. He likes it.

237/365 Thursday, 08/25/2011

I apologize for the blueness of this and a few other of my pics--I had the phone camera on an "incandescent" setting and hence overly blue-ish tinged photos were the result...This is a picture of the traffic logjam that occurs regularly on weekdays on Spring St. at Miami U. I wait here for my shuttle to take me home, and so I see this particular procession quite frequently.