Sunday, June 16, 2013

Where my mind is at: Sunday, June 16, 2013

This is a list of all the tabs I have open on my computer right now

The Society of Spectacle

Guardian article about Debord and his book

Another on-line copy of it

wiki article on "commodity fetishism"

wiki article on "The Society of Spectacle"

A 1973 film Debord made based on the book

Brain-pickings post about the "science of chunking"

Brain-pickings post on the filter bubble

Brain-pickings post on the book "The Information Diet"

Brain-pickings post on Dennis Dutton's "Provocative Darwinian Theory of Beauty"

In other news: we were supposed to have moved into our new apartment yesterday but instead they told us we cannot move until next week.... So we re-scheduled the movers for Sunday, June 23. I sure hope the move happens then! (We're just moving to a bigger apartment in the same complex). On Friday, June 28 we will drive to Cleveland to pick up Lydia (Bill's mom) and then fly to Philadelphia with her to meet up with Bill's sister Nancy, who will take us back to her house in Bucks County where we will be staying for the week.

Right now I must go get my laundry and fold it. Not sure how all of this relates to the "Society of Spectacle".