Sunday, October 30, 2011

Steinkeller restaurant signage

Thursday, 286/365 10/13/2011

Bill came up for Fall break and we went to the Steinkeller restaurant for dinner. (Pre-vegan times). It was good and we both had leftovers that we ate the next evening. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

285/365 Wednesday, 10/12/2011

What five days and no new picture of the view from my office? That must be remedied you go.

284/365 Tuesday, 10/11/2011

What five days and no new Georgie pic?--that must be remedied you go....

Bows and flows of angel hair... 283/365 Monday, 10/10/2011

and ice cream castles in the air...etc etc etc...not sure how I really feel about that song. Any-who this was the pic of the day, snapped as I walked across the parking lot to my apartment at the end of another school day.

Indian desserts 282/365 Sunday, 10/09/2011

Two quite good Indian desserts I brought home with me. A group of faculty met up at an Indian restaurant somewhere near Cincinnati. It was a fun outing and the food was good. I'm not a big fan of Indian desserts, but these were quite good. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

281/365 Saturday, 10/08/2011

The calender picture for this month. 

280/365 Friday, 10/07/2011

My Ikea lamp.

279/365 Thursday, 10/06/2011

The view from my window. 

278/365 Wednesday, 10/05/2011

Yep another Georgie pic...

277/365 Tuesday, 10/04/2011

My sweet boy Georgie. We are both counting down the days till we get to go home to Bill and Hansi and Mieze and Sophie, which will happen for Thanksgiving.

276/365 Monday, 10/03/2011 thumb stitches out!!

Today I got my stitches out. They gave me this stint, which helped a lot, since the thumb was still a bit sore when they took the stitches out. this put a bit of soothing pressure on it. Now-some weeks later it is almost as good as new. Still a tiny bit tingly and achey but not much and much less so than it was before. 

275/365: Sunday, 10/03/2011

Pssssht don't tell anyone...but this picture was actually taken on Monday, Oct. 03, but since I didn't take any on Sunday, it is my stand-in....This is one of the names houses around Oxford, that students live in. I think it looks pretty cool. They names it the "Treehouse."

Monday, October 24, 2011

Purple lights

274/365 Saturday, 10/01/2011

 I bought these purple Halloween lights because I like how people (often students) put up lights in their rooms. But when I tried to do the same I just couldn't abide how ugly they look when strung up on a wall--it just looks messy. So I opted for this "light sculpture" in a little rectangular basket I had. It still looks pretty silly but at least its not adorning the walls--and I like the way the lights look when they're scrunched up together. What I'd really like are those lighted flowers one sometimes finds...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Christa Wolf - weibliches Schreiben

"Inwieweit gibt es wirklich "weibliches" schreiben? In so weit Frauen aus historischen und biologischen Gründen eine andere Wirklichkeit erleben als Männer und dies ausdrücken. Insoweit Frauen nicht zu den Herrschenden, sondern den Beherrschten gehören, jahrhundertelang, zu den Objekten der Objekte. Objekte zweiten Grades, oft genug Objekte von Männern, die selbst Objekte sind . . ."
Christa Wolf,  Kassandra

273/365 Friday, 09/30/2011 Little ladybird or ladybug or Marienkäfer...

Just a picture of something I brought back with me from Germany one time--a "Marienkäfer" or ladybird beetle--apparently called ladybugs in the US...(which scientists do not like, since according to the Wik they are not really bugs...)

272/365 Thursday, 09/29/2011

Yet another picture of the view from my Miami office window. (Can you tell I spend a lot of time here???)
When the weather is nice professors take their classes out to the amphitheater. This class seemed really interested--I think the people sitting next to the prof. (farthest left of the people not facing us) were guests to the class. The students seemed very attentive and interested in what they had to say. It looked like a good class.

Thumb update

271/365 Wednesday, 09/28/2011

Who ever thought that pictures of my left thumb would be part of my very own "auspicious Alltag"???.... On the other hand if this is the worst thing I do to myself this year then I guess that's not so bad....As you can see it healed nicely. But as I recall now--almost a month later it was still quite sore. Better than before but still a bit irritating. 

270/365 Tuesday, 09/27/2011

Just another cute Georgie pic. I'm afraid there are going to be quite a few of these in the days/weeks to come--being busy with work AND having no home internet access (Until now...) has meant I have fallen a bit behind with this project...some of these will even be "placeholder" pics for those days when I didn't even get to take a picture...I'm still committed to the project -- a lot of changes are happening and this is a fun and fairly easy way to document them...(the newest change is that I have decided to do my darndest to become a vegan -- or at least greatly reduce my intake of any animal products, including dairy and eggs. I will probably not be successful all the time (what does a vegan eat, e.g. when they take their almost 90 year old mother-in-law to her favorite restaurant which happens to be Crackerbarrel ?) On such occasions I will probably go with being a vegetarian.. We shall see!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

269/365 Monday, 09/26/2011

So here's a picture of my thumb taken one day after I got the was still  bit sore and swollen. But it got better. I'm glad Bill was with me when I did it. I'm also glad the hospital is close by-- I could walk there if I needed to. And I'm most glad I have a job and health care!!!!

268/365 Sunday, 09/25/2011

Can you see the toad??? Today was a somewhat memorable day - the first day I cut myself so badly I have ever needed stitches.... I was trying to pry open a frozen bagel with a sharp knife...and whaddaya know I cut my thumb....Bill thought it was deep enough to warrant a trip to the ER...and so off we went...I got three stitches! The needle with the anesthetic the doc poked my thumb with really hurt...and now many weeks later my thumb is as good as new, expect for some occasional numbness and tingling..

There'll be a picture of the thumb tomorrow. I wanted to post a picture from our afternoon walk--and I thought this one of a big toad would work. Bill spotted him! 

267/365: Saturday, 09/24/2011

Today was my birthday. I am quite old. But age is all relative right? We started the day with a rather decadent breakfast at "Bob Evans" I write this I look upon this meal as something I will very rarely (=if ever) eat again, since (very recently) I have made the decision to try and hardly eat any meat, dairy or eggs....yep me --meat-eating etc me has decided to try and become as much of a vegan as I can....

Saturday, October 15, 2011

266/365 Friday, 09/23/2011 "Birthday Eve"

This is what happens to Bill when I pop in a Jane Austen adaptation into the DVD, after he has driven down to visit and we have gone out to dinner with other Miami faculty...

265/365 Thursday, 09/22/2011 Grading

As any of you who have taught at the college or high school level knows one of the most time-and "mind"-consuming tasks is that of grading...this is a picture from a typical grading session--these happen quite regularly around here...

264/365 Wednesday, 09/21/2011

Just a picture of my lunch...a spinach salad with olives and tomatoes and mushrooms. I've ben reading a book about someone who tries out being a vegetarian/vegan and then a "frutarian"...aside from the cheesy salad dressing the only non-fruitarian food here would be the spinach I think...I am far off from ever being one of those but I am going to try and eat less meat, fish, dairy and probably try and do without eggs entirely. (well as much as possible). Dairy is he real kicker for me--cheese! yoghurt! we shall see...

263/365 Tuesday, 09/20/2011

Wow this seems like it was taken a long time ago....I can't wait until I get internet back in the apartment...let's not get into how and why I had it why I now don't have it...(but will be getting it next week...)

Anyway this is a picture of my office cup, purchased at Kroger on the window sill of my office...a typical "AA" scene so to speak....not exciting but "auspicious" in its own quiet way...(I like the pattern on the cup). 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why I'm behind....

I do not have internet access at home--only at the office, where I'm too busy to work on the blog...I should be back on-line at home as of Saturday, 10/22/2011 so after that I'll be able to update more regularly...until then updating will be sporadic. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

262/365 Monday, 09/19/2011

Even though I took this almost three weeks ago I still remember it well. It was early in the morning, which is when I get up on weekdays. Everything is still quiet and the world is still dark. And Georgie is very happy to get his breakfast.  A nice time of the day.

261/365 Sunday 09/18/2011

Yet another cute shot of Georgie looking out of the balcony door. Even though he is a scared y cat, he's also curious...

260/365: Saturday, 09/17/2011

I've started re-watching Northern Exposure. It's a nice mellow show -- it seems dated, but I'm note sure why, just something about the mellow, eccentricity-loving/accepting tone of it seems to not jibe with our more edgy times...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

259/365 Friday, 09/16/2011

Friday evening. I stayed in--I'm often pretty wiped out on Fridays, since well it's Friday and also because it is my heaviest teaching day--I teach at 10:10-11:00, then 11:15-12:05 & once again at 2:15-3:05...Doesn't sound like much but it is!! Of course Georgie likes it when I stay in..he's a big fan of weekends!

258/365 Thursday, 09/15/2011

I went out for an early-ish dinner on this day with my fantabulous (also new) colleague in German. She didn't really want her picture taken, but  she knows she will be on here. And yes this picture is also too blue...the dinner was quite yummy and fairly cheap. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

257/365 Wednesday, 09/14/2011 IKEA

Just a shot of my IKEA cushion sitting on my IKEA Poäng chair with an IKEA blanket.