Saturday, October 22, 2011

268/365 Sunday, 09/25/2011

Can you see the toad??? Today was a somewhat memorable day - the first day I cut myself so badly I have ever needed stitches.... I was trying to pry open a frozen bagel with a sharp knife...and whaddaya know I cut my thumb....Bill thought it was deep enough to warrant a trip to the ER...and so off we went...I got three stitches! The needle with the anesthetic the doc poked my thumb with really hurt...and now many weeks later my thumb is as good as new, expect for some occasional numbness and tingling..

There'll be a picture of the thumb tomorrow. I wanted to post a picture from our afternoon walk--and I thought this one of a big toad would work. Bill spotted him! 

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  1. My partner-in-crime co-VAP here at Miami (Hi L.!) said this picture reminded her of a Dürer picture or print. Very cool.