Saturday, April 28, 2012

Israeli snack food--vegan: 92/366: Sunday, 01/04/2012

Israeli snack food--vegan by cathie
Israeli snack food--vegan, a photo by cathie on Flickr.
Ever on the look out for something vegan to replace my love of cheesy snacks, I found these interesting pizza flavored snacks in the Kosher section of Kroger. They weren't bad. They were probably not very healthy---maybe I'll check to see how bad they are next time I'm at the Kroger. (which will be very soon most likely....I tend to be there a lot...)

91/366: 03/31/2012

91/366: 03/31/2012 by cathie
91/366: 03/31/2012, a photo by cathie on Flickr.
My mum taking me out for a stroll along with our German purebreed dachshund called Hoffmann, suppossedly named after E.T.A.Hoffman, who Jacques Offenbach turned into a character in his opera based on H.'s stories, "The Tales of Hoffman" - I have to wonder if my parents were being "punny" regarding the tales/tail...

90/366: Friday, 03/30/2012

90/366: Friday, 03/30/2012 by cathie
90/366: Friday, 03/30/2012, a photo by cathie on Flickr.
I love how preoccupied I seem in this picture.

And also just a tad wary...It reminds me that my mother mentioned that I would chatter along - sort of give a running commentary on everything going on around me. I'm probably talking to myself here too.

89/366: Thursday, 03/29/2012 -My father with his father: Berlin in the 30's.

This is one of very few pictures I have of my paternal grandfather: Carl-Heinz Grimm. the little boy in a sailor suit (not Hitler Youth!) is my father. I wonder if it was taken at the 1936 Olympics, My father would have been 5 at the time. I know very very little about his dad. I remember my dad insinuating that his dad was conservative, perhaps even pro-Hitler. I think he died young in the 50's and I have no clue what he did during the war.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Leopold I, Prince of Anhalt-Dessau inventor of the "goose step" (Stechschritt).

If you consider the "goosestep" (auf deutsch: der Stechschritt) an invention.... I'm somewhat obsessed with it--the goosestep that is...It just seems so closely connected to dictatorships and totalitarian regimes... Those darn militaristic Prussians... Here's a clip of the infamous Rutles singing their classic hit: GooseStep Mama:

Saturday, April 14, 2012

88/366: Wednesday, 03/28/2012

88/366: Wednesday, 03/28/2012 by cathie
88/366: Wednesday, 03/28/2012, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

And who might this toothless, grinning cherub be....? yep it's a baby pic of yours truly--just to liven things up around here....

87/366: Tuesday, 03/27/2012

87/366: Tuesday, 03/27/2012 by cathie
87/366: Tuesday, 03/27/2012, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

Kale with rotini---very good meal!!! i love kale.

86/366: Monday, 03/26/2012

86/366: Monday, 03/26/2012 by cathie
86/366: Monday, 03/26/2012, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

George - again...

85/366: Sunday, 03/25/2012

85/366: Sunday, 03/25/2012 by cathie
85/366: Sunday, 03/25/2012, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

Yes this is just a close-up of yesterdays pic....I've been caught cheating again. I'm busy and the when the motifs on different days are similar it's an indication the day was similar too.

84/366: Saturday, 03/24/2012

84/366: Saturday, 03/24/2012 by cathie
84/366: Saturday, 03/24/2012, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

George relaxing and doing his "bunny paw" thing.

83/366: Friday, 03/23/2012

83/366: Friday, 03/23/2012 by cathie
83/366: Friday, 03/23/2012, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

Hans is an old sleepy boy..

82/366: Thursday, 03/22/2012

82/366: Thursday, 03/22/2012 by cathie
82/366: Thursday, 03/22/2012, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

A tree ij bloom outside my office window.

81/366: Wednesday, 03/21/2012

81/366: Wednesday, 03/21/2012 by cathie
81/366: Wednesday, 03/21/2012, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

Georgie keeps me company as I prepare my 8am Tuesday/Thursday class.

80/366: Tuesday, 03/20/2012

80/366: Tuesday, 03/20/2012 by cathie
80/366: Tuesday, 03/20/2012, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

Warm, sunny weather greeted us for a while back in March. The trees on campus were in bloom everywhere.

79/366: Monday, 03/19/2012

79/366: Monday, 03/19/2012 by cathie
79/366: Monday, 03/19/2012, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

The sky is very blue here in Oxford, Ohio...I thought these clouds looked picture-worthy...hey at least it's not another cat picutre, right? This is where I walk to get to the coop, the Kroger or when I begin my walk to the campus. Not picturesque, except for the sky.

78/366: Sunday, 03/18/2012

78/366: Sunday, 03/18/2012 by cathie
78/366: Sunday, 03/18/2012, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

Another Hansi pic - this time he is sitting on a pile of magazines that have yet to be read.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

77/366: Saturday, 03/17/2012

77/366: Saturday, 03/17/2012 by cathie
77/366: Saturday, 03/17/2012, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

Hansi is a clingy boy who like to t stay close...

76/366: Friday, 03/16/2012

76/366: Friday, 03/16/2012 by cathie
76/366: Friday, 03/16/2012, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

Cooking with seitan!

75/366: Thursday, 03/15/2012

75/366: Thursday, 03/15/2012 by cathie
75/366: Thursday, 03/15/2012, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

Had to take a picture of the hail storm!

74/366: Wednesday, 03/14/2012

74/366: Wednesday, 03/14/2012 by cathie
74/366: Wednesday, 03/14/2012, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

I spotted this vehicle on my way home from a meeting with my independent study student in downtown Oxford.

73/366: Tuesday, 03/13/2012

73/366: Tuesday, 03/13/2012 by cathie
73/366: Tuesday, 03/13/2012, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

work work work when will you end???

72/366: Monday, 03/12/2012

72/366: Monday, 03/12/2012 by cathie
72/366: Monday, 03/12/2012, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

Left over homemade dal for lunch. T'was good!

71/366 Sunday, 03/11/2012

71/366 Sunday, 03/11/2012 by cathie
71/366 Sunday, 03/11/2012, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

Just another sunny day on Oxford. The guy in front of us had a cute white gorilla on the back of his motorbike.