Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas tree ornaments

I bought most these ornaments at the Lauscha hut at the Chicago Christmas market. I went there almost every year, when I lived in Michigan, with students from Albion college. It was always a bit of an adventure what with winter weather and often bitter cold temperatures!  
The "smokers" (Raucherm√§nnchen) (which I purchased at the Chicago Christmas market and at a Christams market in Germany,when we were there one year) are from the Ore mountain area of Germany- which lies in the east of Germany, on the border of what used to be Bohemia but is now Czech republic. It is an area famous for wooden toys and Christmas objects. 

Of course I have a cat ornament. (I think this one might be from Inge-Glass,which is in Coburg, even though I bought it at the Lauscha hut). 

Had to get this glass slipper ornament!