Friday, September 2, 2011

237/365 Thursday, 08/25/2011

I apologize for the blueness of this and a few other of my pics--I had the phone camera on an "incandescent" setting and hence overly blue-ish tinged photos were the result...This is a picture of the traffic logjam that occurs regularly on weekdays on Spring St. at Miami U. I wait here for my shuttle to take me home, and so I see this particular procession quite frequently.


  1. Do you have an iPhone? The company my husband works for makes a fun little camera-effects app that could turn those blue pics into magic:

  2. I've noticed that my smart phone photos taken outdoors are great, but the indoor ones aren't nearly as good as the ones taken on my digital camera. (Even though my phone does have a flash.)

    I haven't played with the camera settings yet - I'll have to try it because I have tooooons of pictures of the pooch!