Tuesday, December 6, 2011

327/365: Wednesday, 11/23/2011

327/365: Wednesday, 11/23/2011 by cathie
327/365: Wednesday, 11/23/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.
Georgie seemed fairly happy to be home. The other kitties were a little put-out since Georgie can be a bit of a bully. Little Mieze hissed at him a couple of times and had to give up her spot in the prized "boudoir". Hansie was more cranky than I was used too--he seemed even more aged to me since I left in August---so skinny compared to spoilt George. He was glad George was home. They have a bit of a "Brokeback mountain" relationship....Hansi "cannot quit" George...yet further indication that he was neutered to late. It's very hard to fathom how Georgie feels about Hansi's inappropriate encroachments--he nonchalantly continues eating while it is going on and only sometimes turns around & tells Hansi to take a hike. (For a long time I thought the yowling that one heard when this was going was coming from Georgie, but no it is always and only Hansi that is doing the yowling - Georgie is completely silent).
On other occasions though, even Hansi hissed at Georgie--it was obvious that his absence had made the three other kitties rearrange their hierarchies, and having him back shuffled everything up again. At least this time he will be back sooner. (We go back to Michigan next Wednesday, Dec. 14).
When we brought Georgie back to the apartment he seemed even happier to to back here where he's the number one kitty. And I was glad to have him paying all his attention to me and not the other three kitties. But now I know better what to expect and also that I need to court their affection in order to get into their good books. They are cats after-all and do not immediately reconnect if one has been away for a longish time.

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