Sunday, April 10, 2011

93/365 Sunday, 04/03/2011

This is an actual picture from our actual seminar...taken on Sunday the last day--after we had all gotten to know each other and were pretty relaxed. It felt almost like a class--we were somewhat reluctant to leave. (Someone from the next panel walked in and we were all just sort of sitting there and chatting an he said: "wow you must really like each other!"...I think we did-we were a good group. Very interesting papers. I'm glad it all worked out as well as it did.

After the panel I walked home and Bill and I did a bit of sightseeing we went up the Harbor City Tower to grab a view of the city. The weather wasn't great but at least it wasn't rainy or foggy. We then went back to the first restaurant we had tried on Thursday for lunch--since we were hungry and we knew it was close. It was quite empty and so we got very good service (plus nice lunches).  Our waiter told us about two restaurants at English Bay (which is sort of where Stanley Park begins) that he would recommend, especially for their fish and chips. He wrote down the directions and we ended up going to one of them on Tuesday.  After our lunch, we felt a bit sleepy and the weather was not great so we just walked to the big bookstore called Chapters and hung-out there for a while. I was still feeling a bit under the weather so I thought I would buy a magazine or two and perhaps a book to cheer me up. When I'm sick I go for lighter fare than's callled "pampering" I guess...I got a copy of Oprah's magazine, a copy of Vanity Fair and a book by someone who I thought i might like: Philippa Gregory, who writes historical romances set in Britain. I bought her second latest book called "The White Queen", which takes place against the exciting backdrop of the Wars of the Roses and focuses (or has so far) on Elizabeth Woodville, the wife of Edward IV. It's is the perfect book to read while taking Hansi on his midday stroll through our yard.

That evening (I think after dinner, which was pizza and a salad at a nearby Italian restaurant) while reading "Oprah" I had an epiphany about my life. I'm not quite ready to talk about here though--at some point I will just not quite yet. I actually was not that impressed with the magazine--but perhaps I should have kept it because of what I have begun calling "the epiphany"...oh well...I did bring the Vanity fair back and I'm glad I did. I do enjoy reading the articles--all about Kate and William, JFK Junior etc etc...

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