Monday, April 4, 2011

88/365 Tuesday, 03/29/2011

Today was a hectic day-I had an appointment in Ann Arbor so Bill had to drive me to Jackson where Adrienne would pick me up from work and we would both drive to Ann Arbor. (She had an appointment too). What made everything hectic was the fact that Bill could not find his passport and we were leaving for Vancouver, BC CANADA the next day. He started looking before we had to leave for Jackson. I got home at about 7 and we continued looking and looking but we also starting considering what we would do if we didn't find it. (I would have had to go to Vancouver on my own, which did not appeal to me one bit after being in Germany and on three campus visits on my own).

After a while I did find it --in his big many compartmented backpack and so all was well. I let Hansi out for a quick stroll which he did take advantage of by hiding under the stairs...Bill has bought materials with which to close off this area so that Hansi will not be able to do this anymore. We were busy packing and getting ready until fairly late--which seems to always be the way.

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