Monday, April 18, 2011

102 Tuesday, 04/12/2011

Last Tuesday it was warm and sunny outside (unlike today, Monday, April 18 where it is in the thirties and snowy...) and so Hansi really enjoyed his walk. He seems to be ok with the leash-he doesn't love it but he seems to take it in stride if it means he can go outside. He loves sniffing and yes spraying --marking his territory-- yet another hint that maybe he was neutered a bit later on than is usual (the other is his behavior towards our other male cat George....I'll leave it to your imagination!--don't ask me why its George whom he does this to and not either of the girl cats...) He also loves loves loves rollling around in the dead leaves and messy undergrowth that our yard does contain in spots. That's what he's doing in this picture. I usually bring a book when I walk him, because there's often more standing than walking involved when walking a cat. He usually ends his walk by running up on the porch and sitting there - either on my lap or on the porch for a while. On occasion he's encountered a neighborhood dog or he'll try and catch a squirrel. For a 15 and a half year old cat he's still pretty sprightly. 

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