Saturday, April 9, 2011

92/365 Saturday 04/02/2011

Today was a fun day--and it was probably one of the best weather wise too! In the morning was day 2 of the conference. Fortunately even though I indeed had a cold I nevertheless felt better after a good night's sleep. The papers and discussions went well. After our panel I went to have coffee with a friend at the starbucks in our hotel. Because of my cold I ordered a Chai Latte which was very good. I sat and chatted with friend and a bunch of her friends (she knew quite a few people at the conference) until it was time to meet up the people on our panel who had agreed to follow the lead of a German PhD student at Univ. of British Columbia who was going to take us to his favorite Chinese restaurant located in an "interesting" part of town. About seven of us met up and we ventured forth by bus to the restaurant. The food was indeed very good and the prices very reasonable especially for Vancouver. Here's a picture. After finishing our lunch with yummy apple pastries we all walked back to our various hotels and plans. My plan was since I was feeling a bit tired. I hate to say it but I did very little for the rest of the day....I was sick after all! At some point Bill came back from having walk and walked and walked all around the city--or rather the seawall/edge of it. So he was equally tired. I won't even tell you'all where I got dinner. (Bill had had a late lunch and wasn't hungry for dinner). Hence this "view from our hotel room" least it was a pretty nice view!!

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