Monday, April 11, 2011

94/365 Monday, 04/04/2011

In case someone missed it--I also finished the entry for 93/265-- Sunday.

Today was very rainy and it dampened our sightseeing possibilities a bit. I was s till a bit sick so we decided to take it easy. We did what it turned out a lot of Vancouverites seem to do on a rainy day-- we went to the mall...

We walked around a bit, but I wasn't really in a shopping mood. The only thing we did buy was a nice beret-style hat for Bill that he found at H&M of all places! I was the one that dragged him there in search of a nice cheap scarf or other accessory--he had never set foot inside an H&M before. It was packed with young ladies shopping shopping shopping and the line to try things on stretched all through the store. Anyway I was glad he found something.

After that we ventured over to the big food court where we both ended up getting bowls of Japanese soup-mine had won-tons in it and his had some kind of meat. They were good. We then did something a bit odd, but it ended up being interesting. We took the underground train out to the airport on a test run-since we had splurged on a cab coming in and had then found out about the train. After a while the train went above ground so we got to see a bit of the city. I'm glad we did it - it made doing the same thing on Wednesday very early with our luggage seem less intimidating.

We walked home from the mall, which is where I took this shot and rested up in the hotel before going out to a delicious Indian dinner at a nearby restaurant. I had the lamb korma and it was so yummy I definitely overate!! All in all another good day.

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