Monday, February 14, 2011

44/365 Sunday, 02/13/2011

On Sunday I got up and did something I have not done in a very long time--I worked out to one of my workout videos! It was good and it made me feel better all day long! On Monday and today (I'm writing this on Tuesday) I did a shorter workout that I have on DVD. It's a Margaret Richards of PBS "Body Electric" fame...that I did fairly regularly as a graduate student at Northwestern. She was funny and the workouts were short but good. Oh no I can't get that stupid "Body Electric" theme song out of my head now!!I also did the yoga workouts with that nice southern lady, whose name I cannot remember. I remember how nice it was to finally get a little television in my dorm room! (what a luxury!) Margaret says you should rest on the fourth day, which I will probably do--but I'll try and go for a walk. We also have a lovely elliptical exercise-machine that is woefully underused--but if I can keep this up I will incorporate some time on the elliptical as well. So I put this picture up as a reminder- if I don't keep it up I will be reminded about how I wanted to do so!!

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