Thursday, February 3, 2011

30/365 Sunday, 01/30/2011

Ah yes Sunday--the morning was fine but the afternoon was a bit stressful. I am learning to drive. In my case my main problem is overall nervousness and anxiousness about driving. I CAN drive by now (I've been practicing since August!!) but I still am nervous about it. When I do drive I find it completely taxing and after I have driven I'm completely befuddled ..even when everything goes well (which it usually does).  Imagine finding something ( a task) that A LOT of people seem to take completely for granted, difficult, scary and extremely nerve-wracking--that is how I feel about driving right now. And the winter weather is not helping! On Sunday I had my first lesson with my new teacher.  For some reason I always drove very well with my first teacher--but when time came to do the little "parking dance" on my own as part of the driving test (with no teacher or tester) in the car - I did not do well--I realized I had never sat in the car on my own, let alone done the parking dance...I over-corrected and failed the exam miserably--not even making it to the actual road that was a bummer.

On Sunday I sat in the new teacher's car while we reviewed the rules of the road for almost an hour--doing this made me more and more nervous. I wish I could have conveyed how nervous this was making me...after going over the rules I drove all around Jackson, Michigan trying to do all the things she had told me to--it was hard, and stressful. I did ok, but I could tell it was wearing me out. I was very glad when it was over. I'm not really looking forward to my future lessons. (But I will take them).  

I met Bill at the Panera café and we went to the Meijer to do our weekend shopping--it was about 6:00pm, much later than we usually shop. I remember feeling discombobulated and tired - sort of jittery. But at least I remembered to take a picture!!

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