Tuesday, February 8, 2011

34/365 Thursday, 02/03/2011

This was a cold but sunny day-I had to run an errand at one of the Albion buildings and so I took advantage of being outside (if only briefly) and took this shot. I worked as a German professor at this college for 7 years, from 2003-2010. My first year I was a Visiting Assistant Professor, i.e. not on the tenure-track. The next year I was hired as a tenure-track professor. Everything came tumbling down for a whole plethora of unsavory reasons when I went up for tenure in 2009.

I could have stayed on for one more year, but after all that had happened I decided to resign at the end of 2010. I am glad I did, even though I forwent an extra year's income (and even more important-health insurance!) But I'm still glad I did quit because I think I have been able to move on much quicker than would have been possible if I still were working there. Money is important but it isn't everything!

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