Saturday, November 19, 2011

308/365 Friday, 11/04/2011

308/365 Friday, 11/04/2011 by cathie
308/365 Friday, 11/04/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

I have noticed that the female Miami students tend to wear very similar outfits: in the summer they were all wearing athletic shorts with a stripe on the side. Then came the jeans with sperry type shoes -- or black cotton pants - sort of a more presentable sweatpant and now a lot of them are wearing all kinds of lovely boots (or Ugg-type boots) stuck into skinny jeans. I have wanted a pair of boots since before coming here, but now that I'm trying be as vegan as I can be...I'm less inclined to want to buy leather. I found these comfy man-made-material boots (that I will probably not stick into my jeans) at Target. I will also try and assemble a skirt outfit or two. They are surprisingly comfortable for let's face it a rather cheaply made boot. And I think they look nice too.

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