Friday, November 11, 2011

303/365 Sunday, 10/30/2011

303/365 Sunday, 10/30/2011 by cathie
303/365 Sunday, 10/30/2011, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

This was a semi-successful experiment. It was not knock-your-socks-off yummy but it was quite edible...Since this picture I have also made my first meal with quinoa and I have to say I did not care for it...I kept telling myself that it is good for me, but will take a bit of getting used to. So far the two vegan items I have hated are the slices of provolone flavored veggie cheese....(yuck!) and the shelf-stored Almond breeze was grey and tasted blah...I'm fine with non-dairy coffee creamer's though and the mint flavored chocolate coconut milk is quite yummy. If I remain focused on all the things I can eat and not on the things I don't want to eat anymore I should be fine. I'm taking a B12 supplement once a week plus a multivitamin pill every day. I might get a Vitamin D supplement as well. I feel good--just a bit tired from teaching, but actually pretty good.

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