Tuesday, March 22, 2011

75/365 Wednesday, 03/16/2011

This was our Frankfurt day. Frankfurt is where I studied for the first three years before leaving to study in America. (at U Mass, Amherst and then Northwestern). I still sort of consider it the city of my "Alma Mater"-- the Goethe University.

Louisa and I spent the morning walking around the very pleasant neighborhood of Bornheim, specifically the Berger Strasse, which had lots of nice shops and also a nice weekly market. We traveled to Frankfurt with Louisa's "adopted sister/close friend" Martina who went to the trade fair on bathrooms, buildings, energy, air-conditioning & renewable energies
 at the Frankfurt fairgrounds/Messegelände. (She works as an architect and consultant on energy issues).

In the afternoon we met up with Martina in a typical "old ladies" cafe where everyone was wolfing down pieces of yummy cake and lots of coffee. (See more pictures on my flickr stream). After that we took the S-train home to Wiesbaden. I enjoyed spending time in Frankfurt-which has a very different vibe from Wiesbaden--more cosmopolitan, perhaps more "big-city-ish". I liked hearing the Frankfurt dialect.

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