Tuesday, March 1, 2011

58/365 Sunday, 02/27/2011

Yes well the repairing of the computer did not work out so well--it kept shutting down without any warning and hence was becoming rather unreliable and treacherous to work with. Since I have to prepare for job interviews I needed to a more reliable internet connection and place to keep my documents. I already picked out with Bill's help the smallest and cheapest little netbook BestBuy had to offer: this adorable little blue Toshiba, which was really quite reasonable We ventured out on Sunday, even though we thought we wouldn't have to since we tried to get everything done on Satruday. We went in and almost immediately swooped in for the purchase instead of standing around awkwardly talking to a sales rep for what seems like ages...oh how I hate that--I just want to go in and buy and be done with it. The sales people are not used to that and keep trying to find things they want to talk to you about. I'm glad we were as efficient as we were. I'm typing this blog entry on it and so far I have no complaints! And its so much more portable than my old laptop too. I think we did good!

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