Tuesday, March 1, 2011

56/365 Friday, 02/25/2011

So I just noticed that I forgot to post this picture and instead posted Saturday's picture instead! This is the first time that has happened and it was almost March so I guess that's ok! It's probably because I am busier now getting ready for my upcoming work-related travel. A project like this becomes harder the busier one is. It turns in to just another thing on the to-do list. So far that hasn't happened this time. And I think it will be fun to share some pictures on here related to the upcoming travel--just as a way of remembering it all. Anyway this was a desperation shot. We had spent a nice evening with friends at our favorite pub (The Dark Horse in Marshall, MI) and then at their house. But I forgot to take my camera and so I was looking around my room to see what would work. I almost went with a postcard picture of Garden dwarves, but decided to go with this picture of my bobble-headed Freud. He is pretty cool-I should use him in my German class-have them describe his clothes and face. He is an object that would be in my office at the place where I teach if I had such an office. For now he is happy standing around my home office.

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