Monday, July 25, 2011

198/365 Sunday, 07/17/2011

Ever since I knew I'd be moving to Ohio for the upcoming academic year I've been wondering how much and what kind of meals I will cook for myself. I'm not a very confident cook, although I've become a bit better at it in my middle-age. I have a feeling I will enjoy the abundance of take-away eateries in the beginning but after the newness of those wear off (since there are very few good ones to speak of in Albion) I'm sure I'll want to cook again. Plus I'll probably take a lunch to the office with me--which I always liked doing at Albion. I'm taking my laptop lunchbox with me for that reason. We went to the Barnes & Noble in Battle Creek where I decided to pick this one up--since I am on my own, and not a very accomplished or picky cook I thought a student's cookbook would be fine. I went with vegetarian to get some ideas for non-meat or fish based meals. I have packed what I hope is just the right amount of kitchen utensils--a couple of dinner plates, smaller plates some silverware, knives, a few pots and a skillet. I'm also taking a small microwave, which I'm sure I'll use a lot...I also picked up a small coffee maker and a new fairly cheap toaster. It's kind of hard to pack for a move of a year (well nine months). On the one hand I don't want to take too much stuff on the other hand I don't really want to live too ascetically, even for a limited amount of time...I hope I'm striking a happy medium...I'm a bit of a creature of comfort...

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