Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer ritual: Day trip to Birch Run Outlet Stores & Frankenmuth

207/365 Tuesday, 07/26/2011
This is a picture from the interior of the "Bavarian Inn" at Frankenmuth, MI. My friend/neighbor and I make an annual trek here every summer. We've been doing so for about 5 years. We shop at the outlet mall and then drive into Frankenmuth (past the World's Largest Christmas Store) where we always eat way too much food before we tackle the outlet mall one more time before hitting the road back to Albion. This was the first year we had other people join us--another neighbor and her daughter who had never been to Frankenmuth. We were surprised how many out-of-state license plates there were in the restaurant parking lot--Frankenmuth is a bit of a destination. It's very cute and hypes up its "Germanness" or more specifically its "Bavarianness". (Lots of flowers, blue and white flags & cheesy knickknack stores everywhere). Even the McDonalds is a bit germanified.  The food in the restaurant is somewhat German - I had the J√§gerschnitzel which is traditionally served with a mushroom sauce (with lots of mushrooms in it). The sauce at the Inn tasted nice and creamy and mushroomy but there was only one mushroom in it....

Nevertheless we had a good time and enjoyed our meal. I came away with a few bargains including a lovely new orange backpack, which I'm sure will serve me well when I'm in Ohio. 

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