Sunday, July 31, 2011

208/365 Wednesday, 07/27/2011

Today we were invited, along with an two emeritus Albion College professors (of German & Philosophy/Latin) who live in the neighborhood to a mutual friends place in Jackson, MI for lunch. It was very nice--a delicious soup was served with two salads and good bread from Zingerman's. For desert my friend served a delicious French Canadian Maple-Sugar pie with cream and a wild blueberry coulis--it was scrumptious!!  


  1. I haven't seen the Baumgartners in years! They are looking great!
    Safe travels to you, Cathie! I can't wait to hear what adventures lie ahead... -Julie

  2. Yes they are doing well and Inge has definitely met her match in our hostess Marie, whose marvelous cooking skills and knowledge (and cookbook collection) rival Inge's! Definitely a fun time. Thanks for the well wishes--I'm excited about what lies ahead!