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Richard Alfred Lane & Alfred Richard Hayward, my 1st cousins thrice removed

191/365 Sunday 07/10/2011
This is a picture of two distant cousins—first cousins 3 times removed. Their parents were my great grand aunt Annette Lane, who married a Military Chaplain named John Hayward and my great grand uncle Alfred John Lane, who married “a daughter of Lane from Jersey”. This is only family connection I can find to Jersey, the “other” Channel Island. Most of my family connections are to Guernsey

Interestingly, both the Balliwicks of Guernsey and Jersey are not considered to be part of the UK or the European Union. They are British Crown dependencies. I wonder what that would mean if I decided I wanted to live there…

Anyway back to the picture. The boy on the left is Dick (Richard) Lane and on the right is Alfred Hayward.  I've spent a good chunk of time surfing the internets for information on either of them.  Dick was the youngest of five. All I could find was a brief death notice for his older brother (the oldest of the five) Alfred Ambrose Lane, who died in Pilton, UK on June 16, 1889 at the house of his aunt, Mrs Hayward (the mother of Alfred in the picture).  My Lane pedigree tells me that Richard married Anne Elizabeth Harlof, but I cannot find anything about her.
Regarding Alfred Hayward: born in Leix, Ireland - became a Major in the Army and married Maude Mary Kemmis, about whom there is quite a bit on the internets. Her father, e.g. was John Olphert Kemmis and he and her mother (Mary Louisa Needham) lived in Canada and India.  She also had a second husband.
Probably the most interesting genealogical document I found during this particular internet escapade is this obituary of Alfred’s older brother, John Alfred Le Mesurier Hayward, who apparently at some point moved to Quorn, a village in Leicestershire, England. 

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