Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Monday, 01/10/2011

This is a picture of our rather under-used dining room. I hold my weekly German lesson here, and it is also where my friend and I sit when we meet for our "research coterie"---but I'm sorry to say that we have fallen into the habit of eating while we watch our shows on dvd (or now, since we just bought one, roku)--I think it originally was a way of saving time--(to have some downtime while doing something one has to do, i.e. eat!)--but we are both now very used to doing it, which means our dining room is not used as much as it could be. And yes there is an elliptical exercise machine over there on the left that also could be used more. (We do use it but not as much as we should!)


  1. Definitely needs to be put to use! Hey, what do you mean by "weekly German lesson"?

    Our daughter Molly is presently doing a two week German program in Dresden (hence all the photos I posted of Germany, since we took advantage of her class to escort her to Dresden personally).

    Love the new blog. Shall I shut down the feed on the old one?

  2. Hi Ian!

    Thanks for reading the blog! You can shut down the feed on the old one-it is still online but just as an archive. I'm tutoring Miya D. & Miriam W. in German once a week. It's fun. I really enjoyed your pictures from Germany-it looked like you hit some really picturesque spots! Dresden is a great city to learn German in, so much history, interesting architecture. I think the regional Saxon accent is funny--the former East German Prime Minister Erich Honecker had a strong Saxon accent that was quite giggle worthy to my Hessian ears...Will Molly continue with German when she gets back?

    When I look at the picture of my table it makes me want to play German board games on it like "The Settlers of Cataan"--nerdy but fun!