Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Crackers!

This year I've noticed that quite a few of my flickr contacts and favorite bloggers have Christmas crackers or bonbons along with their Christmas dinner. I remember these well, from my childhood years growing up in Australia. They were fun! You open it with the help of someone else and there's always a pop or bang-hence the name. Inside there's a hat made of tissue paper and a silly joke --sometimes a little toy as well I think.

I remember one Christmas year in Germany my mother desperately wanted to find some but she had no luck--there were none to be found in the land of Gl├╝hwein and lebkuchen. They are clearly an Anglo/Commonwealth custom. Here's what wikipedia has to say on the subject:

And here's a link to a description of them and some examples of the kind of silly jokes you'll find in them: Christmas cracker Jokes

And finally here's a link to a short video of one of my favorite bloggers reading the joke that was in her cracker and then putting on her hat--so cute!! ImpossiblecatChristmas

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