Saturday, May 28, 2011

141/365 Saturday, 05/21/2011

This a picture of the town where I'll be living as of August this year. It's a nice university town...a bit sleepy in the summer (bit not as catatonic as Albion tends to be unfortunately) and I'm sure full of life once school starts in August.The University has almost ten times the number of students that Albion has--so it's no wonder they are much more of a presence in the town--which is actually population wise (w.o. students) a bit smaller than Albion. I'm looking forward to it and have already busied my self with list-making and move-planning...( I'm a big list-maker, planner...) 


  1. Congratulations! Exciting news! I took a seminar for German teachers down there a few years ago, led by Bob DiDonato. Is he still teaching there? I remember it being a lovely little town. There was also a little kitchy "German" neighborhood in Cincinnati we visited.
    --Julie Frank

  2. Hi Julie,

    Thanks for the congrats! I'm pretty happy, It'a a one year visiting position, but that's really ok, it gives me some time to think about what I want to do next, while earning a bit of money and having health insurance again! I think it will be fun to get back into teaching.

  3. Even something temporary is a way to unstick one's wheels. I'm not saying you're stuck... maybe it's better to say that it gives your wheels some momentum. Ein guter Rutsch.

    Enjoy that insurance! I was one of those uninsured working Americans for awhile (part-timers are not eligible for insurance pool, husband was self-employed and I was denied as a private payer for "pre-existing conditions," namely, a tricky back). Harry and the kids had insurance, I did not. He is working for someone else again, so we finally all have solid insurance. It's such a relief. I have an appointment with the dentist next week (for the first time in over 3 years). I have a feeling (every time I chew on that spot...) there is work to be done. So I hope you can load up next year and get every procedure, test, poke and prod you wish for!!