Sunday, May 1, 2011

114/365 Sunday, 04/24/2011

"24" is a show where suspending your disbelief and incredulity will only take you so far. You need to send that disbelief and incredultiy packing or else you won't make it through for more than a few minutes before you pause and think/say-wait how did they/he/she blahblahblah...It helps if you realize that Jack Bauer is indeed Superman and Chloe O'Brien is sometimes Superwomen at least when it comes to disarming suicide-bomb vests remotely from her computer screen and stuff like that...

Nevertheless it does pull you in--its like playing a really stupid but nevertheless addicting video/computer game. I decided this would be the shot for the day because it's Jack Bauer's rendition of a German weapons dealer. Just add a pair of Euro-looking glasses and a cheesy leather jacket and voilĂ -Jack reappears as "Ernst Mir".  Never mind that his accent makes his German sound like complete gibberish, his excuse being that living in America for so long has rubbed off on his speech---apparently to the point of it becoming unintelligible to people who actually do speak German... ;-)

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