Saturday, January 7, 2012

3/366: Tuesday, 01/03/2012

3/366: Tuesday, 01/03/2012 by cathie
3/366: Tuesday, 01/03/2012, a photo by cathie on Flickr.
After a scrumptious vegan! breakfast at the hotel and seeing Louisa off at O'Hare, I took the EL back to Monroe street from where I hoofed it back to Union Station. The weather was cold but very bright and sunny. On the way I was very happy to walk past a Pret a Manger store where I stopped and purchased what turned out to be a delicious Hummus & Garden Veggie sandwich (vegan!) and a very nice not too sweet tasting soda called "Yoga Bunny". Waiting for the Amtrak train wasn't too bad and so before too too long I was back in Albion for my last day and a half before moving back to Oxford with Georgie. I really do feel happier and healthier when I have access to yummy vegan food. 

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