Saturday, January 7, 2012

02/366 Monday, 01/02/2012

02/366 Monday, 01/02/2012 by cathie
02/366 Monday, 01/02/2012, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

It was cold today. i took this picutre as we were waiting in the car for the Amtrak train to Chicago. I was taking Louisa back to O'Hare for flight to Germany. The train turned out to be extremely crowded and we had to sit apart. Seated next to me was a Northwestern student (=where I got my PhD). The majority of passengers were college kids. The most uncomfortable part of the trip was walking from Union station to the Monroe St. blue line stop to the EL. The EL wasn't too pleasant either but it did get us to O'Hare for $4.50. Once there we took the free shuttle to our quite nice &posh hotel, the Hyatt Regency.

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