Friday, August 5, 2011

The Railroad crossing in Edgerton, OH & some musings on Moon Pies etc...

216/365 Thursday, 08/04/2011
As I mentioned in the blog post for Wednesday, we decided I would accompany Bill back home so I could help with the second trip back down with my stuff, plus George the cat. The drive is a very pleasant one along back roads and through small towns. During the first part of the trip many of the towns we drove through were having garage sales along the road we were travelling. (Ohio State Route. 49). I would have loved to stop at a couple of them to look over their wares, but Bill wanted to get home and I guess I did too.

Since we had had a big breakfast in Oxford, we didn't stop for a real lunch, but just bought a snack at a gas station: Bill opted for an ice cream Snickers bar (they're good!) and I, in a fit of nostalgia went for a double- decker Moon Pie, which I enjoyed despite the numerous poisonous ingredients it consists of. My nostalgia of course was for the Australian equivalent of the Moon Pie: the Wagon Wheel, which I recall as being larger and thinner than the Moon Pie (=more like a wheel) and sometimes also containing an extra layer of jam. Here's a funny commercial for them from 1989 (I was long gone from Oz).

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