Thursday, August 11, 2011

219/365 Sunday, 08/07/2011

Today was the day we took George with us back to my apartment in Oxford. Since we wanted to drive all the way through without stopping for a meal, we drove to Jackson for a big breakfast at our favorite breakfast place: Roxy's. This is their toilets sign, and since I thought it was funny (as did Bill) it became the pic of the day...Everything went well but true to his scaredy-cat ways George is still spending most of his time under the duvet that is on my bed. (It's Thursday now, so it hasn't been that long yet).  In the evenings I force him out from under the bed and chase him into the living/dining area and close the bedroom door behind him so he cannot run straight back. He complains but he does eventually calm down enough to wolf down some food. He likes to sit under the new orange IKEA blanket I got for him. during the night when everything is dark and quiet he takes care of business (kitty-litter business that is). I'm hoping he'll come out of his shell more eventually. It just takes time. 

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