Monday, January 21, 2013

Some pictures of Hans going for a walk wearing his new jacket

It's been cold here in southern Ohio - so we got Hansi this fleece-lined jacket for him to wear on his walks. He doesn't love it, but he won't let him deter him from his walk...


  1. So cute! I didn't realize they made jackets for cats, too. My sister knit a sweater for Lettie when we moved to Michigan, but we don't put it on her very often. She pretty much hates it, but if she gets to go on a walk, she'll put up with it. I only put it on her if the temps are in the 10s, though. It's too embarrassing to be seen with her, lol!

  2. Actually come to think of it, this jacket WAS made for a small dog, which is why it doesn't quite fit right-Hans is longer than a small dog but very very lean poor fellow.(He's 18 and has -er- persistent digestive & 'evacuation' issues....)