Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fun at Jungle Jims: Resisting Tim-Tams but not Marmite.

35/366: Saturday, 02/04/2012 by cathie
35/366: Saturday, 02/04/2012, a photo by cathie on Flickr.

35/366: Saturday, 02/04/2012
We finally made it to this sprawling "food market" (like a super super market) called "Jungle Jim's", in Fairfield, OH near Cincinnati.

We had been told we would need three hours. We ended up needing five, what with lunch. They have a fairly good assortment of vegan/bio products as well as all the yummy international offerings. I picked up all kinds of goodies, e.g. a greek can of stuffed peppers, which have been eaten and declared "buy-again-worthy". I still have a can of dolomades (stuffed grape leaves) which I hope are good too.
I also picked up a bunch of Dr. McDougall's vegan cups of soup. I have tried two so far and they were both above average for that type of soup. I was esp. taken by the Pad Thai--quite yummy!! Will definitely look for these again. I'm currently going through a bad "I don't feel like cooking from scratch" phase - partly due to busy-ness partly also due to my really quite cramped kitchen in the apartment--it just makes cooking and cleaning (sans dishwasher) a pain in the you know what...I am a pretty lazy cook, eventhough I love to eat...

I got some German things ( alot of the German goodies are not vegan as you might imagine...) and slackened my hardcore vegan stance to include a few non-vegan "blast-from-the-past" chocolate bars--mainly from Cadbury's. I resisted the yummy Australian cookies known as "Tim-Tams" because I just couldn't justify spending $7.99 for a small package of them. And I opted for a small jar of Marmite instead of what I really wanted which was Vegemite--I am Australian after all....but I think the two really do have a similar taste.. I have to say- I love the stuff! Oh the reason why I opted for Marmite was the size of the jar. A little of the stuff goes a long way and they only had very big jars of Vegemite..
We had a good time and I definitely want to go back. They even offered a quite tasty vegan lunch sandwich. 

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