Sunday, June 26, 2011

Captain Bartholomew "Bartle" Teeling -- Papal Zouave and Private Chamberlain to the Pope

174/365 Thursday, 06/23/2011

I had originally planned to post a different picture as the pic of the day for this day and Friday, but silly Cathie managed to inadvertently delete both of those from her phone.  So these are the two pictures that I am posting instead.
I spent most of the day researching this relative’s family. His name, as one can see on the picture was Bartholomew John Joseph Aloysius Teeling, and he was the husband of Theodora Lane Clarke, my first cousin thrice removed. (I will definitely write a blog post about her at some point as well as her mother, Louisa Lane Clarke my great great grandaunt).  
The Teelings are a famous Irish family who go waaaay back. Captain Bartholomew, or Bartle as he was called, was a member of the Papal Zouaves, an international infantry force formed to defend the Papal States.  (Here’s a blog post about them that mentions him). He was also appointed Papal Chamberlain. His grand-uncle (of the same name) was a leader in the 1798 Irish Rebellion who was executed on September 24 1798 by the British.
I'm glad I have this old photograph of him.


  1. I have a photograph of his grave in Rome's Campo Verano cemetery if you are interested. Spotted it a number of years ago & took a pic because of the Irish connection.

  2. Sorry I haven't responded sooner - I would LOVE to have a picture off his grave to add to my BBTeeling file. Thank you so much!

  3. Cathie:
    Just to let you know that there are still Teelings around, but I wished that there were better records to document any connection with this famous family.
    IF - - IF - - you wanted to get a thumbnail sketch of the U.S. Teelings in the heartland of America, I could get you in touch with Bonnie Kemper in Terre Haute!

    Patrick Teeling

    1. Hi Pat! Thanks for stopping by!. Have you or Bonnie done any diggging? There probably is a connection but sometimes one has to do some sleuthing. A site like that actually scours the interent looking for records of people in your tree is a Godsend in this regard. When I get back to investigating the Teelings I might get in touch with you regarding Bonnie!.

  4. Good morning,
    My father is buried in the "Verano" cemetery of Rome.
    I have much sympathy for Ireland and its history and often I stop at the tomb of your great-uncle.
    The first time I noticed it because it grows above a beautiful myrtle plant.
    I often leave in bloom for him.
    If you want to have some of his photographs.