Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Stuff (and nonsense)

Stuff (and nonsense)

Would actually be a good name for a blog…anyway/how/who the 365 project is still going on just not here—but rather here. Check it out! Figured out a way to do it all on my phone, since I’m committed to not taking the laptop with me to Germany. It’s too heavy and too distracting and not taking it will give me a good excuse to buy pretty German notebooks to write in….
We’re buying a house! Bill will move “us” in while I’m in Germany. I’m talking myself into him being ok with that. (He says he is…)
The past semester has been fun but very busy. Teaching a work-intensive “big” course on German film. It’s a blast because well German film!!! but because it’s the first time I’m teaching this exact course with almost 65 students (some a perpetually absent) I haven’t finagled the logistics yet to the point where the workload is more manageable. It will happen, but right now I just need to get through this semester.  
I leave for Germany to teach a section of the Miami Summer German course on May 18. Before then a lot of things need to happen—packing, grading, resting-up (ha!), quality time with cats and Bill or should I say Bill and cats. I also need to get a clearer sense of what I want to look for during my week long sojourn to Guernsey in June, where my sister and I will trace our Le Mesurier ancestors, plus also hike the cliffs and eat lots of yummy fish and chips. It will be good. I’m wondering how strong the pull will be to see Alderney-which is where the Le Mesuriers were Governors till into the 19th century.

Maybe I’ll get into writing/updating on here a bit more frequently…stranger things have happened as my mother used to say…..

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