Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Introducing my great-great-grandmother - Charlotte Barbara Taylor (neé Lane)

The Lane Pedigree
My great great grandmother was Charlotte Barbara Taylor neé Lane and she definitely was the genealogist in the family. I’m fairly certain she created the Lane pedigree you see here, which has – along with the two other pedigrees that have been passed down to me (and my sister) been keeping me busy genealogically speaking ever since I began pursuing this hobby.  

Charlotte Taylor in the pedigree

Charlotte Lane (whose mother was Elizabeth Le Mesurier – the Le Mesuriers are an ancient family from the Balliwick of Guernsey –a British crown dependency in the Channel Islands. Elizabeth’s brother John was the last hereditary governor of Alderney- the northernmost channel Island) married Philpotts Wright Taylor, whose uncle was Joseph Taylor who founded the Taylor Port Company in Porto, Portugal.
I have found out quite a bit about one of Charlotte’s sisters Louisa Lane Clarke, about whom I will write more in another post.
My sister and I at the bottom of the tree. 

I’m including in this post pictures of three little pocket diaries I have, that belonged to Charlotte. She got them as gifts from Reverend James Saumarez, 2nd Baron de Saumarez, whose father had been an admiral in the Royal Navy and who was the first Guernseyman raised to the peerage in 1831. One of them is open to the page where she documents her son Arthur’s sudden death on the 12th of July 1859. He was only 18. 
Small diary that belonged to Charlotte Lane

Sad news
Inscription: "from dear Lord de Saumarez".
And here's a link to a blogpost all about the Lane's that I happened to stumble upon (I'm sure whilst internet sleuthing my family one day) and that led me to request photocopies of the stash of letters the history man talks about here--obviously I have some information that he does not - but these letters are also a wonderful addition to the family archive that is slowly taking shape. 


  1. This is fascinating, Cathie. What a treasure trove of information!

  2. Thanks Rebecca! It is fascinating and there are so many other stories to be told....and I keep finding more! I figure this blog is as good a place as any to keep a record of them all and it has allowed me to connect to a number of relatives which has been wonderful!